Do I have to Row the Boat myself?
Yes but its great exercise and tuition can be provided free when you start your holiday.
What if the boat gets damaged during the holiday?
All our boats are insured but you will be liable for the first �300 of any damage caused. You also need to hand over the boat to us in person at the end of your holiday.
Can I arrange a one-way trip?
Yes you can arrange a holiday between any two destinations along the Thames, taking advantage of over 30 slipways. There is an additional charge for this to cover the cost of transporting the boat to and from these locations. Please contact us for further details.
Do we have to make it all the way to our destination?
No. You can call us during your holiday, and given a days notice we can collect the boat from any slipway along your route. This is particularly convenient if you find you are rowing a shorter distance than anticipated. However there will be a charge in this case to cover the costs of transporting the boat by trailer. Please contact us for details.
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How can I pay?
Please see the prices page for details on how to arrange payment for your holiday.
What happens when it rains?
All our boats come with a waterproof canvas camping cover which acts as a tent during the night but which can also be easily set up to keep you dry whilst still rowing during the day.
Can we leave the boat unattended?
You need to ensure that someone keeps an eye on the boat at all times, however, this shouldn't be a problem as there are at least a hundred pubs along the riverbank from which you can happily eat and drink within sight of the boat! We can also help arrange for one of the many boathouses along your route to provide a safe mooring, although this may incur a small fee.
Where can we moor the boat?
The Thames long distance tow-path runs along roughly 90% of the river and you can moor the skiff at any point along the path. In addition to this there are campsites with additional facilities (showers etc) at various locations
How flexible are the holidays?
We can be very flexible on the duration of your holiday should you prefer a longer or shorter period. You can also start or end your holiday on a day of your choice. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements.
What Time of day can I start and finish my holiday?
If starting from Walton you can start earlier, otherwise you collect your boat between 11 and 12 Noon. When finishing you return the boat to the agreed location by no later than 3PM.
Where does the holiday start?
Holidays either start from Walton public slipway, or in the event of a one way trip, a map showing the section of river Thames is provided with the location of meeting clearly marked.
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About Thames Skiff Hire
Thames skiff hire is a traditional boating holiday company based on the Thames River in London. We offer a comprehensive range of unique holidays tailored to your requirements. Many of our classic boats are over a hundred years old