"We recommend you do not accept a tow from any powered boat. It can be tempting after a hard days rowing, but there is a risk of expensive damage to your skiff! Please resist." Thames Skiff Hire

Boat Hooks

"Please use boat hooks instead of sculls when pushing away from the bank, and when maneuvering in a lock. Sculls can break when used incorrectly, which is inconvenient as it will strand the boat until a replacement scull can be delivered to you!" Thames Skiff Hire

Perch and Pike

"The Perch and Pike in South Stoke (between oxford and lechlade) is also recommended. They are on the river frontage, safe mooring, and full details can be found on their website at" Thames Skiff Hire

Useful things to bring

"A map of the river from one of the publications listed below." "Sun-tan lotion (don't forget you are in the middle of the river and without the cover you are directly in the sun with no shade). A hat (ideally a boater!). A torch. A sleeping bag.A pump-up lilo, waterproof clothing, sandals (for paddling in) ,matches. Don't get too ambitious with what you bring, as you are the ones propelling this weight along the river! Don't forget to bring a camera, as there will be lots of photo opportunities (especially at sunset). We supply a large water container, so don't bother bringing any. last but not least a dog called montmorency (a stuffed one is less work)." Thames Skiff Hire

Calculating your distance

"Three miles an hour including the time taken in locks for a three person crew traveling downstream should be a top estimate during the week. Two and a half miles an hour or less for weekends. Those who skull upstream can expect somtimes to do allot more sculling for less miles. Two person crews who are best taking turns with one always at the rudder and the other sculling downstream." Thames Skiff Hire


"The website run by the Environment Agency list campsites. Nice one's have mid river islands to camp on such as Pinkhill Lock above Oxford, Days Lock between Abingdon and Wallingford, Hurley lock upstream of Marlow and Cookham Lock between Marlow and Maidenhead. They can be booked so you might want to phone them. Cookham lock phone number is 01628 520752 and Hurley lock is 01628 824 334. Both sites are highly recommended.


"Nicholson Ordinance Survey guide to waterways 7 The River Thames, Wey, Kennet & Avon. 'Pubs of the River Thames from the Cotswalds to the East End' by Mark Turner ISBN 1-85375-349-1 (has been reprinted) and 'The Thames Path National Trail Companion, A guide for Walkers to Accommodation, facilities and services' are good guides not for getting of course JKJ Three Men In A Boat" Thames Skiff Hire "Folding maps are less convenient, there is Geo Projects 4th addition 'Thames The River and the Path' and Imray 'Map of the River Thames' are both �4.95."

If you take some good photos during your holiday and don't mind them being used on our website, please email copies to us, it is much appreciated.

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