The Boats
The fleet comprises of eight boats:
Edward is a one hundred and twenty six year old double sculling Thames Camping skiff.
This one hundred and twenty year old wide double skiff was featured in the 1999 TV series �Great Expectations'
One hundred an twenty three year old double camping skiff made from Honduras mahogany. Also seen in the background in the classic 1998 film Shakespeare in Love.
This twenty-six foot double sculling camping skiff is only a hundred years old.
The Wherry
Double sculling swivel-rollocked camping skiff made out of sweet chestnut and oak. A copy of a 150 year old Thames waterman�s ferry (�Wherry�)
Double sculling racing skiff, 24 foot long and built in 1924 from Honduran mahogany. Also visible in the background of Shakespeare in Love.
Built from oak and cedar at Constables Boathouse in Hampton, Middlesex seventeen years ago. Rosalind was used in the film �Orlando�.
Boats Bought And Sold
We are always interested in purchasing traditional thames camping skiffs, in all conditions. We can also arrange terms that allow you to retain access to your boat. (for those who have a boat that is seldom used ). Contact us for details.
About Thames Skiff Hire
Thames skiff hire is a traditional boating holiday company based on the Thames River in London. We offer a comprehensive range of unique holidays tailored to your requirements. Many of our classic boats are over a hundred years old